Commercial Snow Removal


Signature Land Services is proud of our reputation as one of Anchorage’s largest and most reputable commercial snow removal companies. Our experience allows us to tailor a snow and ice control plan balancing perceived liability, exposure and budget. Depending on the level of service desired, we offer a variety of service models:

Per occurence usually includes four line items:




Each of these tasks are associated with an agreed-upon charge amount. This model allows us to use our most efficient equipment for your location and simplifies the invoicing process as each of these services is clearly defined.


This model is offered to only a select number of qualified clients each season. We work with the property owner or manager to develop a detailed scope of work with pricing based on historical snowfall amounts. We require a multi-year contract for this pricing model so the risk of a less than average snowfall year vs. a more than average snowfall year is shared between the client and us.

Time and Materials

This model is typically used for additional items such as snow pack scraping, snow removal (hauling), snow pile relocation or stacking, and for infrequent as needed services. In some cases, a hands-on facility manager who is adept in liability and cost control measures may choose this model.

Mixed Model

In this pricing scenario, we work with the client to identify frequent vs. infrequent services and develop a pricing plan specifically tailored to suit the property. It may include a combination of flat rate, per occurence and hourly all in one contract.

Signature Land Services primarily self-performs all aspects of the snow removal process. We own and operate one of the most up-to-date snow removal fleets in the industry. Whether you need a plow truck, loader, grader, hauling or parking lot sanded… we have you covered.